Internship Program

Several summer internship positions will be available at the Jewish Community of Louisville, Jewish Community Center and the Jewish Family & Career Services.

The program will run for nine weeks, though the dates for the program may be somewhat flexible according to individual college schedules and the demands of the position. The specific duties may be tailored to meet the accepted applicants’ college majors and career goals as well as the needs of the agencies.

The candidates will be able to apply for more than one position and preference the positions for which they are applying. Interns will be paid $2500 for the summer program which will include several days of organized activities within the Jewish Community. Interns will be provided opportunities to meet key community leaders and other key professionals for career-directed activities.

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Information regarding the various organizations can be located at the following websites:

Jewish Community of Louisville, Jewish Community Center, Federation and Community Newspaper

Jewish Family and Career Services