Donate a phone for counseling!

EDIT: Thanks for the support, everyone! We’ve got a phone now!

Brought to you by Katherine Loyd, LCSW, LMFT

JFCS supports its Counseling and Klein Older Adults departments with access to counselors out of regular business hours via a mobile phone. The equipment we are using is about 8 years old. It still receives and makes calls, but the battery holds only a short charge and accessing network coverage in all parts of town is problematic.

We’d like to upgrade this phone to one that can access the 3G network of our service provider, ATT, and we’ve been told that ANY 3G phone will work!

So please consider donating one of your old phones (and its charger) if it says 3G somewhere on the screen display, so that we can assure our after-hours coverage. A phone you don’t use anymore could really do some good in the community!