Create a More Professional LinkedIn Profile

In our increasingly online world, many employers use social networking sites to preview applicants or even to scout for candidates. LinkedIn is the largest social network for business and if you don’t have a profile there, you could miss out on employment opportunities. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or not, we have some tips to help you put your best digital foot forward.

1. Create a “brand image” for yourself.

LinkedIn is a resource that you can use to present yourself as you want to be viewed professionally. Determine what kind of job or career you want, and make sure your profile reflects the fact that you’re a good fit in that area.

2. It’s all about being seen.

Hiring managers, recruiters and human resources directors use LinkedIn to review candidates. You can stand out with a professional photo that shows you at your best.

3. Keep it positive.

Your posts and updates should never be negative toward your employer, co-workers, or yourself. Avoid disparaging remarks in all of your communications, and be sure that your compliments or recommendations do not belittle others. (What not to say: “After working with so many terrible account reps, I found Suzie to be a breath of fresh air.”)

4.  Collect recommendations along the way.

Ask current supervisors and colleagues to endorse your skills or write recommendations. If you only ask when you need a new job, prospective employers may not see all of the great things people have to say about you. Do not take it personally if a supervisor or co-worker fails to respond to your request; not everyone is comfortable posting recommendations online.


We hope that these tips will start you on your way to developing a professional LinkedIn profile. For more in-depth assistance, join us for our two-part LinkedIn workshop on November 4 and 5. Our workshop features a guided hands-on tutorial, and we’ll even set you up with a professional profile photo. Contact us to register today!

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