Career Services Offers Package Options

Today’s blog by Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services

JFCS offers its clients a range of career services and, depending on client needs, a person can tap into any one of a number of packages. For example, one new client, a business executive, opted to tap into four of our packages pretty much simultaneously. These packages included our career assessment package, resume package, social media consultation, and our interviewing workshop. We’ve helped this client integrate the results from all four packages in order to gain maximum benefit and clarify best career and employment avenues.

Our initial consultation helps the prospective client identify what parts of our service menu make most sense to consider. For folks dealing with career or employment challenges, JFCS is your provider of choice. Let us help you get on the right track to a successful career! For more information, contact Bob Tiell at (502) 452-6345 ext. 230 or [email protected].


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