Career Exploration is Key for Teens

Many teens think that by the time they leave high school, they ought to know what they’re going to do “when they grow up.” Of course, recent trends show that Gen Z  students are very career minded and are more likely to explore entrepreneurial paths compared to other generations. However, most will still have one, two, or even three careers during their lifetime.

For parents of this age group, taking the time to identify your son or daughter’s interests and skills will help them be successful and happy in their work.  This exploratory process will lead to college studies for a  career he or she will love.

Over the years,  JFCS has been known for providing high-quality individual career counseling and educational advisement to young people in the Louisville area. We have seen that when young people go to college with a clear understanding of their personal strengths, interests, and goals, they are more likely to graduate in four years and stay on a defined career track.

We have heard from the community that there needs to be more meaningful career exploration for young people, and we are expanding our programming to offer something that is affordable and accessible to more families through our Career Exploration for High School Students program.  With two sessions offered, November 6 (full day) or November 14 & 15 (two evening sessions), it will fit with any schedule!

Teens will work with our certified career counselors to take the first steps of uncovering personality traits and interests and exploring career options and majors. Students can be successful in a career that they will actually enjoy! If your son or daughter is struggling to figure out what career is right for them, or they know but you aren’t yet sure it’s the right fit for them, register them for this workshop! For additional information contact Erin Heakin at 502-452-6341 ext. 246 or [email protected]. Register Your Child

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