Calling all Worriers: It's Time to Relax

We can all agree that life is pretty hectic, but sometimes it can get to be downright overwhelming. Things like excessive worrying, trouble sleeping, worrying that anxiety is hurting your close relationships are just a few of the ways it can get to you – and stress can manifest in many different ways. Unchecked, it can take quite a toll on your overall health. Take control and put the kibosh on your racing thoughts with JFCS’ upcoming Anxiety Management workshops!

April 8 begins the 5-session workshop where you’ll learn to reduce physical reactions to stress and develop coping skills to manage your anxious thinking. Workshops will meet on Mondays from 6—7 PM, and there is a $50 fee, covering the entirety of the sessions.

Don’t worry a moment longer! To register, contact Lauren Kehr, LCSW (502)452-6341 ext. 227. 

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