Build Your Credit! Come to the Financial Fair at JFCS

Today’s blog written by Mary Cleary, Grants and Information Manager

JFCS recently received a grant from the PNC foundation to start a brand new program to help people build or re-build their credit scores. This new credit building program offers a lot more than a series of workshops on credit. Once folks complete the very brief training period they’ll be able to receive individual credit counseling assistance, and most importantly, receive ongoing support and advice as they go through the process of selecting and then using a credit building product such as a secured credit card. The purpose of the program really is to ensure that participants (whether they currently have no credit history or a poor credit history) are able to build the credit scores (and related skills) that will enable them to achieve their financial goals. The kick-off for the credit building program will be held at the bi-annual JFCS Financial & Asset Building Fair on September 9th, starting at 12:20PM. If you know of folks you who might benefit from the credit building program, please encourage them to attend!

As always, our Financial Festival is open to anyone interested in learning more about some of the resources in the community that can help them on the path to a better financial future. We’ll have representatives from banks, homeownership programs, employment and career service providers, post-secondary education services, and business development programs here to answer questions and provide information about the opportunities they offer. The festival offers the unique opportunity to explore lots of different options all in one place. The financial fair is a great resource to help folks get a wide range of information about the array of asset building opportunities available in Louisville – whether they’re looking for better employment opportunities, seeking education and a career pathway, homeownership, entrepreneurship, or just wanting to learn about products to help them save and invest for their families’ future!

Find out more about these events at our homepage, or call (502) 452-6341!


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