Behind the Scenes at Golf 2012

Today’s blog post written by Judy Goodman, Marketing & Development Summer Intern

Most people don’t realize how much preparation is necessary to make an event like the Republic Bank Golf Challenge successful. Prep went on for months, and yet most of the golf, tennis, bridge, and canasta players will never know how much work went into each and every tiny moment of their day, how intricate the inner workings behind every detail really were. I work under Beverly Bromley in the Development and Marketing department at JFCS, and even I don’t know all the stuff she did to make it come together. But it certainly did come together. Of course, there were minor issues—what event of that size doesn’t have those? The amazing nature of these events is the way in which they appear seamless to participants.

Before working on this event, I really had no appreciation for the incredible task that the organizers of this event had taken on. Whenever anybody goes to events like the Golf Challenge, it’s taken for granted that there will be no bubbles, no disturbances in the illusion of perfection.  Since I started at JFCS just two weeks before the Challenge, I was immediately thrust into final preparations. I helped to do bits and pieces, but I never realized how they all fit into place until the actual Challenge.

Every aspect of every detail of each activity was carefully planned out and decided by someone. It’s pretty cool to see how your work combines with the work of a bunch of other people to create the one flawless entity, even if most of what I did involved the paper cutter. Next time I go to any kind of event, I’ll have a greater respect for all the hard work that had to have gone into it.


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