Be Visible, Show Value, Create Your Career Shift

Stepping forward into a career transition or career transformation may feel uncomfortable.  When you have been doing something for a long time, feeling pulled to explore something new and different may find you feeling unsteady — without your sea legs.  Alternatively, you may be feeling excited — ready to leap toward the mountain top.

Have you been asking yourself, “Is it time for a move to the next level?”  Maybe you’ve been wondering what you want to do next or asking yourself, “Where will my career or my income be in five years?”

If you are restless odds are that you are asking yourself these or similar questions.  Moreover, they are all great career focused questions.

Whether you’re restless in your current job or merely seeking a better understanding of your next career move, making a shift may be easier than you think.

This month is a great time to boost your visibility, highlight your value, and begin to create your career shift.

Here are three action items to get you started:

1.     Update your LinkedIn profile. Be visible online.

2.     Know and leverage your strengths. Highlight your value and what you do well.

3.     Ask and answer this question: “What is holding me back from making a career shift?”

Plan, act, and seek support as appropriate.  In three steps you and 30 days you can become more visible, start sharing your unique value and creating a career shift. What will next month hold for your career?



Cindy Key, SPHR, CBM, CBC, CPBS, SHRM-SCP is a Human Resource Professional, Transition Strategist, and Executive Coach.  Cindy ’s focus is on transforming work, inspiring individuals,  teams and organizations, to realize more meaning, fulfillment & create amazing results. She provides contract services are JFCS and for other organizations in Kentucky, New England, and Texas.  Have fun and do work that matters.

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