Back to School – Are You a "Helicopter Parent"?

By Ellen Shapira – College & Educational Consultant

School has just started. Many parents overly worry about their child’s ability to learn new subjects, socialize and adjust to new schedules and rules. That’s normal. But if you tend to do your child’s homework, or rush to school to deliver a homework folder left behind or argue with a teacher about a disciplinary issue, then you may be a “helicopter” parent. Children who have grown up with this type of “hovering” often have difficulty developing their own self management skills. Technology, and particularly texting, fosters helicopter parenting behaviors. Children of all ages need skills to handle their own confrontations, difficulties with teachers, and to figure out how to manage homework on their own. Learning how to solve life’s small problems is required for children to grow into adulthood with the necessary skills to handle life’s larger problems.

Are you or have you been a helicopter parent? Tell us your stories and what you are doing to curb those tendencies.