Alzheimers: We Can Help

Today’s blog written by Kim Toebbe, Volunteer Coordinator

Recently, I heard this story from a JFCS Alzheimer’s Caregiver support group attendee. “My husband has progressed and is not acting like  himself these past few weeks. He has a faraway look in his eyes and appears to be frightened and more anxious than before. He said, ‘What is wrong with me?’ We read our horoscopes every day and today, his was this:” (clipped from the Courier-Journal):

SCORPIO, (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).  You’ll have a physical sense of yourself that doesn’t match up to your whole identity.  Like Alice said to the caterpillar in Wonderland, “I can’t explain myself…because I am not myself you see.”

The caregiver burden can be difficult and support groups help caregivers to cope. Join us in the family room at JFCS on the 3rd Friday of each month at 2 PM for sharing and support! Our next session is June 15. For more information, please contact Kim Toebbe at (502) 452-6341 ext. 103.


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