Aging in Place with Senior Concierge HomeCare

Senior Concierge HomeCare strives to maintain seniors quality of life by keeping our clients safe and comfortable. Caregivers can rest easy knowing a trained professional aide is assisting their loved one with their meal preparation, light housekeeping, and personal care. Our ability to provide service in any capacity, whether it is for a few hours a month or 24/7 helps ensure that Louisville seniors can age in place with dignity.

We see Mrs. Jones, a 93-year-old woman, five days a week. She lives with her daughter, Bethany,  who works full time while balancing being her full-time caregiver. We can give Bethany the much-needed support so she can continue her career and attend caregiver support groups which help her to gain tools being a better caregiver for both her mother and herself. Mrs. Jones has a special bond with Lauren, her aide because they see each other every day. Lauren prepares breakfast and lunch with Mrs. Jones; they go on walks when it is nice outside and read the newspaper or look at old pictures if they need to stay inside. Lauren makes sure Mrs. Jones remains safe and while providing in a friendly way and personalize stimulation.  We are proud to be able to help Mrs. Jones and Bethany who shared with us that “One of the biggest gifts that are having an aide has given to us has been the improvement of relationship.  We can spend more quality time together since Lauren can take care of daily tasks.”

Senior Concierge HomeCareWhile this is just one client’s story, they are all unique. Some of our clients receive care in their homes while others are in a long-term care facility, we take clients on errands while others are bedbound. We are committed to providing a personal experience that is tailored to fit your loved one no matter their stage of life. Our aides are a representation of JFCS and our mission to strengthen individual family, work, and community life, enhance self-sufficiency and reflect the enduring values of Jewish tradition. We are committed to the highest quality of service provided by skilled and compassionate professionals.

For more information about Senior Concierge HomeCare or other services through our Klein Older Adult Services visit or call Megan Haggard, Director of Senior Concierge HomeCare at (502) 452-6341 ext. 278.

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