Addiction Recovery and Career? It Can Work!

Today’s blog article written by Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services

You may not be aware, but JFCS’ Career & Workforce Development Division also sees clients in recovery. Be it alcohol or other substances, be it gambling, or be it other forms of addiction, these folks commonly are intent on getting their life on track. In the process, they often want or need to consider a career change.

Last week we saw just such a client, a professional, referred by a local substance abuse counselor. This person has paid dearly for his addiction both in terms of his marriage and his career. However, to his credit, he’s now been clean for two years and he’s intent on getting his life back together. Given his desire for a fresh start, this client is trying to decide whether to stay in his prior line of work or pursue an entirely different career path. If the latter, he’ll need options.

Our referral sources include service providers and organizations who work with people in recovery. If you or someone you know is dealing with recovery issues particularly as they impact on careers and employment, JFCS is your preferred career services provider.  Get a fresh start and call us: (502) 452-6341.

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