Tzedakah Opportunities

Tzedakah is a Hebrew word commonly translated as charity, though it is based on the Hebrew word tzedek, meaning righteousness, fairness or justice. In Judaism, tzedakah refers to the religious obligation to perform charity, and philanthropic acts, which Judaism emphasizes are important parts of living a spiritual life; Maimonides says that while the second highest form of tzedakah is to anonymously give donations to unknown recipients, the highest form is to give a gift, loan, or partnership that will result in the recipient supporting himself instead of living upon others. Unlike philanthropy, which is completely voluntary, tzedakah is seen as a religious obligation, which must be performed regardless of financial standing, and must even be performed by poor people; tzedakah is considered to be one of the three main acts that can annul a less than favorable heavenly decree.

Our Guiding Principles

Our core values are defined by Tikkun Olam, making the world a better place, by:

  • Offering services within a climate of caring, trust and respect for human dignity and diversity
  • Emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses the ever-changing circumstances throughout one’s life
  • Committing to the highest quality service provided by skilled, compassionate professionals
  • Creating innovative programs that reflect the changing needs of the people and communities we serve
  • Seeking and valuing collaborative efforts in a spirit of inclusiveness
  • Following the ethical and visionary leadership of our Board of Directors, dedicated staff, and compassionate volunteers.

Contact Kim Toebbe, Volunteer Coordinator, for more information:
502.452.6341, ext 103