A Taste of the Food Pantry

By Shelley Kahn – Volunteer Coordinator

The JFCS Sonny & Janet Meyer Food Pantry continues to help supplement approximately 130 individuals with food every month. One of the most important features of our Pantry, that clients will not find at other Pantries, is that the client is allowed to choose food from our shelves themselves. It’s more like shopping, rather than just being handed a box of food.

I am very proud of all of the volunteers who help keep our Pantry stocked and organized. They always take into consideration that the Pantry should be filled with undamaged, clean and fresh foods – so that our clients are allowed to choose quality food products. They try their hardest to remove all “expired” foods from the shelves and are constantly checking the fresh produce.

Donations are always welcome! Items must be in their original containers ( example: no tea bags, only sealed boxes) and items will not be used if they are expired.