A Good Economy Isn’t Always Good For The Labor Force

Written by: Bob Tiell, Dir. Career & Workforce Development

With unemployment rates at new lows, labor market officials say we’re now at full employment. However, a good economy is not always good for the entire labor force, and our Career and Workforce Development division is busy working with several new clients.  Many of these new clients have professional backgrounds, all of whom have been caught in merger and acquisition, downsizing, relocation or semi-retirement situations which have them all re-evaluating their next career move.

For decades, JFCS has provided career consulting for professionals looking to make a change either by choice or by a change in the employment landscape of Louisville. Each client’s journey is different but begins with an initial consultation that allows us to gauge which of our services and trained counselor best aligns with the client’s needs.  We offer job search skills workshops; enable our clients to put their best foot forward in interviews and with employer-focused resume support, along with one-on-one sessions to help guide you to the next step of your career path. If you or others you know find yourselves bumping up against career challenges in any season of your career, JFCS is here to support you along your journey to success.

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