Underemployment can hurt just as much as being unemployed

There is a silent elephant in the nation’s unemployment conversation—underemployment – and it is affecting more and more Millennials.  That college grad you know who moved back in with his parents or has two housemates – underemployed. Your favorite barista at Heine Brothers with a master’s degree – underemployed. The 28-year-old working retail while trying to find a job in his or her field –underemployed.

At JFCS, we often work with individuals of any age facing this dilemma. One such client is Lance, who is in his early 30s with a family. He has a college degree but has never worked in his field of study.  Currently, he is underemployed at a job that he dislikes but doesn’t know how to begin to find a career path that would be meaningful and financially rewarding.

Lance has been working with a JFCS counselor to figure out his “calling.”  He took many assessments and then through conversation and reflection, he is excited to pursue a career in the information technology (IT) field.  He participated in several informational interviews to discover which area of the IT industry he wishes to purse and is now working on an entry-level certification program while he searches for an entry-level IT job as an analyst.

We all know someone who is searching or is underemployed.  They may not talk about it often, but JFCS is here to help. Call us today at (502) 452-6341 or visit our website to learn how we can support any job seeker!

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