From Idea to Thriving Business with the Help of Navigate Enterprise Center

Written by Carina Hahn, Navigate Enterprise Center Bulldog in the Bluegrass Intern

Megan Sheckles, founder of MJ Weddings and Events Management

“My business was literally only a thought, this time two years ago.” Megan Sheckles, the founder of MJ Weddings and Events Management, came to Navigate Enterprise Center in 2015 with an idea for her own wedding-planning business. Fast-forward two years, Megan’s business is now flourishing, with an extensive client base and partnerships with various local businesses, as well as a consulting contract with Adidas.

“I had an idea–it was just an idea,” Megan said. “Jarett [Duker] was an excellent guide. He had me putting thoughts to paper, really honing in on how I want my business to look. Within two months of working with Navigate, I had my registered business name, website built, and I was off to the races.”

According to Megan, entrepreneurship offers not only a means of self-sustainability but also of self-discovery. “You learn so much about yourself when you decide to go the entrepreneurial route,” Megan said, “regarding growth and ultimately trying to get to a place where you are financially as successful as you can be, and operating with a sense of integrity.”

Megan had dreamed of planning weddings since she was in college at the University of Louisville. After working several jobs after college, Megan decided to pursue this dream finally.

“I think even when I was in college, I wanted to be a wedding planner,” Megan said. “I love everything about weddings–the energy, the space. Every single wedding is different, every couple is different, but the ultimately the goal is the same as far as building a life together and supporting each other, just having everybody in your life who loves and supports you come together for your special day.”

According to Megan, the “pressure” and the “emotion and love” that surround weddings makes being a wedding planner the perfect job for her–a job that she shaped and created herself completely as her own boss.

“I love being the go-to person. I love performing at a high level under pressure. It’s crazy, it’s great, and I love it,” Megan said. “There’s something about the weddings that’s undeniably magical.”

Start your own business with help from the Navigate Enterprise Center. We provide low-income individuals and refugees with the skills and tools that lead to financial security. Through our lending programs, we can help you find the money that will enable you to achieve your business goals. For more information contact Navigate Enterprise Center at 502-452-6341.

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