2014 Annual Meeting

JFCS supporters, board members, volunteers and staff who attended the 106th Annual Meeting at JFCS were treated to some special discussions and a few surprises during the meeting on May 27.


Board President Debbie Friedman and President-Elect Stephanie Mutchnick spoke of their experiences at the AJFCA and IAJVS national meetings and shared inspiring new ideas with their audience based on what they learned at this year’s event. Mauri Malka, director of Family Services, led a conversation with Margaret Battcher and Patricia Reynolds to discuss how the Homecare Opportunities Program at JFCS helped them enter the healthcare field as home health aides and how that career change has improved their financial independence and career mobility.


Board Member Bill Ryan presented the Mary Gunther Memorial Award, which recognizes an outstanding new JFCS program. This year’s award went to the Long Term Unemployment Job Search Turn Around program created by Bob Tiell, director of Career and Workforce Development, and Lauren Kehr, therapist. This program is a unique collaboration between Career and Workforce Development and Family Services which works to improve job search results by combining traditional employment counseling with behavioral health methods and techniques. The workshop was open to those who had been unemployed for six months or more. The program was successful for most of the participants; in fact, two-thirds of them found employment within three months of completing the program.


President Debbie Friedman presented special service awards to Bob Tiell and JFCS Executive Director Judy Freundlich Tiell. This year, Bob is celebrating 45 years of service at JFCS, and Judy is celebrating 35 years with the agency. They have both been instrumental in shaping the agency throughout this time, and they were both commended for their excellent work and high level of dedication to the success of JFCS.


Executive Director Judy Freundlich Tiell presented five-year service awards to Helen Hord, case manager, and Dan Heffernan, director of Navigate Enterprise Center. Judy also acknowledged the entire JFCS staff and each department’s accomplishments within the past year.


Mark Ament, immediate past president of the JFCS Board and current chair of the nominating committee, gave the committee’s report for Board and Executive Committee nominations. Doug Sharps, Carole Snyder and Robin Stratton were elected as new Board members, and Ayala Golding and Bruce Belman were re-elected for another term. (Click here for our current Board listing.)


JFCS volunteers were honored with small gifts, as were outgoing Board members Sheilah Abramson-Miles, Shellie Benovitz and Janet Meyer.


Frank Weisberg, local artist and realtor, was recognized for his artistic contributions; a collection of his work is now featured outside the main entrance to the JFCS board room thanks to a generous donation from Bonnie Bizer.


Our photos from the meeting and reception are in the gallery below. Click any photo to view a larger version.



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