20 Colleges With the Best Career Services

Thinking about college, but not sure where to attend? It can be a pretty overwhelming decision, really. Get started with a great article we found: 20 Colleges With the Best Career Services! They also offer a great tool to help you get started in finding the best school for you, based on your intended field of study and degree. Give it a shot!

With unemployment for new grads hovering at around 25% and underemployment affecting another 25%, finding a job is a pretty big challenge for today’s college graduates. Even with a top-notch degree, internships, and recommendations, finding a job isn’t guaranteed and that’s leaving a lot of graduates wondering if a college degree was really worth all the trouble. Luckily, colleges are stepping up to help. Many now offer comprehensive career services departments that can help students prepare for interviews, learn about jobs, connect with alumni, or just get advice. Here, we highlight some of these departments (listed in no particular order) that really stand out for what they have to offer students who are entering one of the toughest job markets in recent history.

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