10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for College Before Your Senior Year

10. Create Professional Email Account
Many colleges use email as their primary mode of communication and they notice if you are using an email that you once thought was funny or cool. Make sure that you remember the password and check it regularly. Example: [email protected] vs. [email protected]

9. Make Your Summers Count
Whether you are volunteering at a local animal shelter or taking on your first job, use this time to craft your art skills if you want to go to art school or shadow someone at a job that is of interest to you.

8. Choose Your Classes Wisely
Colleges pay attention to how tough your courses load is – they want to see that you have challenged yourself. If you take college-level courses, such as advanced placement classes, you may be able to get college credit. Many colleges would rather see a “B” in an honors or advanced class than an “A” in a regular level course.

7. Visit Colleges
Try out some college tours to get a feel – even if they are not your top choice it will help you realize what factors are important for you. If schools are too far to travel to, attend their virtual tours.

6. Attend College Events
Check out listings of college events and college prep activities. Save the date for your local college fair and keep an eye out for admissions representatives that visit your high school. Make sure you find time to introduce yourself to them.

5. Develop a Testing Plan
Students should not assume their score will go up just from retaking tests, studying is essential! Jewish Family & Career Services offers a comprehensive ACT preparation program which is one of the most affordable in Louisville. Call 452-6341 ext. 222 for more registration information.

4. Find Your Passion(s)
Find something you like doing and then dive into it. Maybe you are drawn to sports, student council, music or art. Join a school group or get involved in the community. You will develop skills and show colleges you can make a commitment and stick with it.

3. Strive to be Well Rounded
Colleges want to see that you have developed interests but also that you are open to new experiences and have learned a variety of skills. If you are a dedicated athlete consider volunteering to coach younger kids in your offseason or trying something new altogether!

2. Make a Plan for Your Major
Four years of college will go by quickly. It is important to enter college with some ideas of a potential career path. For more than 70 years, Jewish Family & Career Services has provided vocational assessments and career counseling to help students identify interests, strengths and abilities to use in their career plan.

1. Keep Up the Good Work and Keep Getting Better
Your grades will be one of the most important factors in college admissions, so make sure to stay on top of your school work and do the best you can. Make sure you allocate enough time to study and seek out tutoring or a study group if you need extra help preparing for an exam or a major paper.

The JFCS College Quest program is custom tailored to assist high school students in choosing the right path for their future career. For more than 70 years, Jewish Family & Career Services (JFCS) has provided career and educational advisement for thousands of students. Our career specialists can help the transition from high school to college and
ultimately into the world of work. Get more information about College Quest by contacting Erin Heakin at [email protected] or 452-6341 ext. 246, or visit www.jfcslouisville.org/careerquest.

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