Klein Older Adult Services

Klein Older Adult Services helps people who are age 60 and older maintain the highest possible quality of life. Aging can present a wide range of challenges and changes. JFCS geriatric specialists are there to assure that health, social, personal, transportation, housing and safety needs are met. We understand that every situation is unique and work with our clients and families to create individualized care plans that maximize independence, safety, and well-being.

JFCS Senior Services

Assessment, Counseling, and Case Management

There are many factors to consider in the planning process. A specialist in aging will conduct a comprehensive assessment of cognitive skills, activities of daily living, social supports, medical history and family history. This guides the planning process so that you can make informed decisions about care.
Individuals, families and couples benefit from counseling to strengthen their ability to cope with the aging process. Our licensed clinical social workers can help you to deal with marital and general life issues or to overcome feelings of grief, depression and anxiety that are associated with aging.
There are numerous services, supplies and assistance that are needed to care for an aging family member. Finding these resources can be overwhelming, so our Resource Coordination Specialists are here to help you. Together with our staff, you can develop a care plan that ensures safety and well-being in the home. Depending on your individual situation, you may have our specialists guide you to resources or access them on your behalf.
Call Senior Concierge for your non-medical home care needs. This program is sponsored by JFCS, so you can trust our staff to promote independence and ensure safety for older adults in their own homes or alternative living situations.
If you need help balancing caregiving with personal needs, respite services are available to care for your loved one while you are away. You may be eligible for a limited amount of free respite care. Contact us to learn if you qualify.
When your responsibility shifts from your family role to that of caregiver, JFCS offers a practical and emotional hand to give you the lift you need. Learn about the aging process, stress management, problem solving, self-care, boundary setting, safety and long-term care.
Caregivers facing challenges find help and camaraderie in our free support groups. In these meetings, you will find opportunities for problem solving, education and mutual support. General caregiver support groups are available at multiple locations in Jefferson County, and groups focused on specific diagnoses are held at the JFCS office.
Keep your independence with Passport Around Louisville Service. PALS is an inexpensive, wheelchair-accessible transportation service that operates with your convenience in mind. You can keep all of your appointments with our trained drivers who will take you where you need to go. You can even receive help with simple errands and shopping.

Respite Care, Caregiver Support, & Support Groups